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OnlineToken is a pioneer in offering smart queue management solution to businesses across categories to execute their queue management effectively. Our vision is to enable the business to handle customer queues efficiently and make every customer visit experience excellent by replacing physical queues with virtual ones.

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Take a zero-queue approach in which your customers can book your services from the nearest or most convenient location. Our smart token management system enables you to get real-time status notifications of their position in the queue along with the estimated wait time.



Register your business with OnlineToken, and you're just a single step away from queue-less life with total comfort and ease!


Start sending invites to all your existing and prospective customers to join the OnlineToken queue management system to avoid long waiting times!

Scale & Speed

OnlineToken is well designed to ease the user experience. Get customers onboard and enhance scale & speed of doing business.

OnlineToken: Robust Solution against Covid-19

A zero contact approach is the need of the hour, the conventional rush and long queues can not be in place due to fear of getting infected easily. OnlineToken provides a robust solution against Covid 19 keeping in mind the health and hygiene of consumers as well as provides safety against fraudsters who evolve their methods faster than most businesses. During the Pandemic situation around the globe all over, the Smart queue management system by Online token is an essential tool to be adopted.


Queue less system

Your customer can predict the turn via live tracking system of OnlineToken

Booking Portal

Businesses get a dedicated booking portal with QR codes to share with their customers and integrate with their social media handles.

24/7 Booking

It's need of an hour! Now speed and scale due to 24*7 Booking availability

smart Dashboard

Optimize, Track and Export business growth reports via single dashboard


Create multiple queues to maintain separate virtual lines different services/offerings and manage with an omnichannel approach

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Dr Bansal

Director, Dr Bansal Imaging and Pathlab

Online Token has helped us deliver enhanced customer experience by letting us help our customers stay safe and letting us attend to immediate healthcare issues with increased efficiency.

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President, Cybernodes

We are happy to have integrated Online Token's solutions with our retail business since they have helped improve our customers' convenience, especially during the reopening phase of the pandemic.


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